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We help you optimize the career you have or to manifest the career you want to have. Our approach helps remove the barriers to your successful progression in the work context. These ‘challenges’ may concern the next job you want or about the development of skill sets and thinking needed to progress in your current job.

ABOUT YOU – Do you hate your job or did you lose your job? Do you need to reinvent yourself? Do you need to line extend your brand? Are you simply bored with your job and want a new challenge? Do you want to do more with your life? Do you hate the business you are in perhaps because your skills are underappreciated either in the business or at your current employer? Are you looking for an environment that respects what you do, an organization that might appreciate the contribution you make or could potentially deliver? Do you want more money or responsibility or both? Then again, you might just want to re-evaluate your career path and what you currently do. You might want to start being more proactive in managing your career and so reduce your vulnerability to enforced changes. Proactively, you might be seeking to maximize opportunities wherever they may be, internal or external. Or perhaps, less strategically, you might just want to see what else is out there.

SPARKIN COACHING – We will ask the questions that you have not asked yourself or not answered fully, rationally without the inevitable emotional conflict. We will help you provide a focused brief for yourself, to provide recruiters and “HR” personnel. We will increase your marketability and provide you with career possibilities previously not considered by you.

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