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Our focus is on cost-effective stewardship of talent, that is, we help you to minimize agency turnover. (recruitment costs) In maximizing employee loyalty and longevity so the tenure of the agency’s clients will also improve. We also believe the following:

  1. Key to the success of any agency is the quality of talent it can attract and retain.
  2. The best way to minimize recruitment costs is to increase resource allocation on existing personnel.
  3. Resources for a proactive HR role are invariably limited so it’s difficult to apply the desired level of resource to existing employees.
  4. If an agency can optimize the experiences of its employees it would have the most potent tool for attracting employees and clients alike. It would save hugely on new business and recruiter fees. Its employees would be more likely to become advocates.
  5. Optimized employee experience reduces turnover. It then becomes more possible to focus resources on proactive measures to develop and reward existing employees.

The conundrum is this, at minimum cost finding a way to activate the virtuous circle described in 5 above.

What can be done at a minimum cost to dramatically and positively impact existing talent.

If you are interested in a potential answer to this question, please contact us.