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Why Sparkin

Find out why people are choosing SPARKIN to find the perfect job:

Stuart's approach is very holistic. He'd hate to be described as a 'life coach' I'm sure but he clearly offers more than career advice. He helps you to get your life goals into perspective, and to figure out what you're actually good at doing. I found him to be insightful, creative and fun to work with."
“Stuart is brilliant in challenging people's assumptions, trying to help them see situations from multiple perspectives and in doing so, helping them find a strong path forward. His passion for championing people's personal dreams is contagious!”
"Stuart's vast experience and personable, business-focused approach make him a pleasure to work with. He is results-focused and provides actionable value each time we meet.."
“Stuart was pivotal to my recent transition to a new career. In a short time, I gained clarity, focus and confidence and got the job I wanted. This is a testament to Stuart's insightful, can-do, approachable style. I recommend him to anyone, whether you seek a change or just a better handle on who you are as a professional. The value he brings is major.”
“I know Stuart in both his coaching and recruiting capacities, but as many others have already said, Stuart does much more than either one of those titles would suggest. He's truly a new breed of career counselor, one who intuitively understands his clients while encouraging them to understand themselves better. You never feel like a 'candidate' when working with Stuart, because he'll only suggest a job opening that he feels is truly right for you. It's a very progressive yet mutually beneficial approach that stacks the decks in everyone's favor. If you're looking for a new job, a new career, or just a fresh perspective, Stuart's the guy you need to talk to.”
“Stuart has a terrific approach to business development, recruiting, and coaching. He helps agencies and individuals find clarity and focus, he can identify and amplify core strengths, and he understands that building relationships is at the heart of success in business and in life. He's been a valuable advisor and colleague for over 10 years.”

My Story/What I Offer You

Aside from my formal education/experience [see] I have degrees in marketing and in organizational psychology. I want to give you a sense as to why I believe I can help you.

Far Away Beginnings – Born in the former British colony of Yemen, the son of a doctor and Royal Air Force pilot, I spent the first three months of my life on the back of my ‘aiyah’, (an Arabic term for the nanny) who literally carried me everywhere. This fact and being one of five children meant that I have always been ‘close’ to people.

For you – I genuinely care about and am interested in the development of people

Nature Nurture – From the age that I could start talking, I have had a ‘never say die mentality’ if knocked down, like the ‘Energiser bunny’ I would just keep just keep going toward my goal. The result of having to compete with a grandfather, a world war veteran fighter pilot, that gave no quarter in games, even to a six year old!’ Then again, attending boarding school from 7 to 11 taught me to be self reliant and to learn how to get what I needed.

For you – I am resourceful and used to getting what I want for myself or for others.

The Village School – After boarding school I attended a small village school with local children. Here, because I was different not because of my skin or race but because of my ‘posh’ accent, I was bullied and tormented for over a year.

For you – I understand that ‘battling the odds’ is necessary not only to survive but to progress.

Quainton – Growing up in small village with my family left indelible imprints on my psyche. My father, taught me that you don’t have to simply follow others, along a path that seems palatable or even desirable. Rather, you make others happy once you make yourself happy. My ‘can do’ mother, taught me to believe that it’s all possible…it is! The challenge is to work out what we want and if this is sufficiently motivational you will have taken a major step forward.

For you – I will help you clarify ‘your’ objectives, your own ideal path

Marathon Man – To ‘give ourselves’ what we need we have to be clear about what our objectives are: Intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical. My physical objective whilst perverse, was to run ten marathons over ten years! Box checked. I did it. I’ve had similar objectives to write books, to live in different parts of the world, to host a radio show. I do what I set out to do.

For you – I offer tenacity and focus to ensure you will achieve your goals.

Mentors – I’ve had great business mentors. They encouraged me to ‘ask’ for what I wanted! When I worked for Mitsubishi Corporation, I asked to be sent to Japan so I could see the factories and learn about the products I traded in Europe. They sent me. And for my entrance in to the world of advertising I asked the then Chairman of DDB Australia to make me his first head of business development (even though I’d never worked in the business) and he agreed. I asked to be sent to the head office in New York/for a new role to be created for me. it was. When I set up a new business consultancy in New York after DDB I asked several advertising and public relations agencies to let me represent them and to pay me a retainer and you know what..They agreed. And, in many cases, I’ve asked for business from clients or for opportunities at least to do business and invariably in time, they’ve agreed.

For you – I have a business track record in four different continents for ‘getting things’ for myself and for others

The Most Precious Resource – The sudden death of my elder brother and a professor I greatly respected in a two month period in my mid teens revealed a few important things to me: First, the time we have on this planet is really precious. This is certainly true if we don’t know when it’s up! To quote Jack Callis, ‘time is irreversible and irreplaceable and it’s now, it’s urgent, it’s today or it’s never!’ Second, happiness or ‘quality time,’ is ephemeral and we should make the most of it. Third, the ability to have happiness now is about making the most of/living in the moment. Too often we nostalgically reflect on ‘what was’ or over zealously plan for and focus on ‘what will be,’ compromising our ability to ‘maximize now’ and therefore the future! Fourth, sudden loss teaches you never take anyone or anything for granted.

For you – The best use of my time is to quickly help you get results. I am results focused.

YOUR PURSUIT – I am used to packing my time. For me, life is to be experienced on all levels, be it wing walking or sky diving, living in different countries or writing books. My goals have not been conventional, to want to rise to the apex of a corporate ladder, although I achieved really positive things as an employee, for my bosses, rather I have chosen to live on my own independent terms. There is ‘no wrong or right way’ this is simply my choice. I am pursuing my version of success and I will help you define and pursue your version.

For you – I have experienced the corporate world as employee, client and consultant and so have a unique perspective to provide on your options.

“When working with clients, he challenges them to provide a specific ‘ideal’ career brief and then sets about revealing practical ways to move toward attaining it. With his background combining outstanding international business experience, he brings a unique & intelligent approach and perspective to each new challenge”